Against The Gravity

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I developed in a positive way and a 9 year old me would be proud of me

I became more selfconfident 

I am creative

I i do my best to support my friends

Despite im not alway acting upon it i think i care a lot about ethical decisions and reasoning them 

(this is actually a bit old but i forgot about it) and i was (more recently) tagged so here are the answers to that as well (but i wont tag other people)

 If you could dye your hair any colour you wanted for a day- which one would it be? rainbowish many differnent bright colours i normaly wouldnt use 
2. What was your first fandom? I started reading fanfic over the german soap gute zeiten schlechte zeiten but my first real fandom was my chemical romance
3. What made you watch Supernatural?Tumblr and my boyfriend broke up with me so i started a spn marathon to forget about it (best decision ever)
4. List everthing you know about DNA replication. No we just did that in biology and i try to repress as much memories as possible 
5. Take a look to your left and then to your right. Try to remember which objects were to your left and write them here. Check how many you got right.clothes(1sweatshirt 2tops also my pillow)and apperantly onetop is a t-shirt
6. How long have you been on Tumblr? 2 or 3 years
7. Which one is the funniest post you can remember? the in da club thomas the train mashup (or whatever i think i remember that  mostly for the wierdness  factor)
8. Fiften years from now- do you think you’ll still be a fanboy/-girl? yes for different fandoms but  yeah 
9. Why did you follow me? I liked your blog, (obviously :D)
10. If I paid you 10 bucks, would you wear a flower crown for a whole day?yes (well depends what i am about to do that day)


a 14 year old indian kid figured out that if the federal government changed their official font from times new roman to garamond they could save $234 million a year (source)

(via discordantdisco)